10 questions with Chad from Snubie.com

Chad from snubie.com

Since I haven’t written my first post here yet, what could possibly be a better start than having a quick chat with Chad from Snubie.com? He started his blog in 2009, today he is still active on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram – and the blog of course. If you’re looking for a good, in-depth review – his Youtube channel is the place to go! One of the reasons why I like his channel is because of the motto ”No BS: Just Snus” which he actually lives up to. I sent him a message asking if he would be up to answer a couple of snus related questions which he gladly did. So, here is what we talked about!


What got you into snus?

In early 2009, I was a single father, trying to quit smoking.  I didn’t want my child exposed to it.  I tried everything – the gum, the patch, things of that nature.  But nothing worked.  I found the US Camel ”SNUS”, and it was okay, but didn’t help me quit smoking.  I found real Swedish Snus online and quit smoking within a week of getting my first online purchase.  General Mini Mint was the one that helped me quit.

You started Snubie.com 2009 and you uploaded your first YouTube video at the start of 2010. For how long had you been using snus before that?

Surprisingly, I literally started Snubie.com when I first started trying snus.  Mainly, I wanted to keep a ”blog” going of all the products I had tried so I could go back and reference my thoughts.  At first, it was a personal thing for me.  Then it grew into me trying to help other American snusers who were switching to Swedish Snus. Now it’s this whole other thing, reviewing CBD pouches, nicotine pouches, and snus.

Do you have a favorite brand of snus?

I do, General Snus.  I’ve used General Snus since September of 2009 full time.  I switch up formats, XRANGE Original Slim, G3 Original Slim Strong, and sometimes Classic Portion, but mostly I stick to the original portion formats, between regular strength and strong.

Do you prefer loose or portion snus?

I prefer loose because it’s the best way to get the full flavor of a snus.  But I use mostly portions because they’re more discrete.  

What would you say is the biggest difference between american and swedish snus?

Quite a few things.  Product quality for one, Swedish Snus is so much higher in quality.  The flavorings used and types of tobacco beat American ”snus” quality any day of the week.  Also, safety and quality standards.  The American products simply don’t have those controls like the Swedes do.  There’s also zero transparency with the American ”snus” products.  We don’t know how they’re made, and they won’t tell us.  With Swedish Snus, I feel so much safer using it because I know what it is, what’s in it, how it’s made, and the quality standards that go into making it.

What are your general thoughts on nicotine pouches? 

I mean, they’re okay.  They are what they are.  I don’t use them myself.  But I fight for tobacco harm reduction so I’m glad they’re out there.  Mainly, because they help people who want to quit tobacco but may have trouble quitting nicotine.  If it’s going to help save lives, and it’s safer than smoking, I’ll fight for it all day long.  

Nicotine pouches vs snus? 

Snus, easily.  For me, I love tobacco.  But another aspect is simply the nicotine delivery.  With snus, nicotine is delivered so much more steadily, and in a much more comfortable way.  

Is there a typical american snus that the swede’s should try? 

Honestly, no.  They’re really not that good.  I think Swedes may look at them and be curious, and think they’re missing out, but they’re really not.  The American products are garbage, to say it nicely.  And that’s me being nice.

Do you have a snus for ”special occasions”? Something really good that you’re not using daily. 

Absolutely.  For me, it’s General Onyx Silver.  It was the one I snused on my wedding day last year.  It’s what I think of when I think of premium quality products.

What was the biggest thing in the snus world during 2020 according to you?

Ehhh, 2020 was wild.  It’s hard to pinpoint.  In terms of the general feel of the snus world, I think the popularity of nicotine pouches was a surprising thing for me.  They really blew up in a way I didn’t expect.  2020 also was a bummer for me to see how few snus products came out, and how manufacturers really went towards nicotine pouches over snus. I’m curious to see how 2021 looks, but I’m hoping for more snus releases!

Where can you find Chad?

A big thanks to Chad for answering these questions! If you want to find out more about Snubie.com or watch some of his latest reviews, you can do so here: