The story of Zyn Nicotine Pouches

If you’re into nicotine pouches, or snus for that matter, you have probably heard about Zyn. These nicotine pouches are a line of products created by Swedish Match, so it’s a Swedish product. Not very surprising. 

The Zyn line-up offers a variety of different flavors, strengths and formats. The Zyn line up was actually launched in the U.S before it came to Sweden. This project started in 2017 and did pretty well. In the end of 2019, over 50 million cans of Zyn nicotine pouches were shipped, a big improvement compared to the 12 million cans sold in 2018. With that said, you can safely say this product became very popular, so let’s talk about it.

What are Zyn Nicotine Pouches?

Some call it tobacco-free snus, some call it nicotine pouches. The difference between classic snus and a nicotine pouch is the ingredients. A nicotine pouch is usually made up from plant fibers, nicotine, and whatever is necessary to get that flavor in there, no tobacco. Zyn is, as we talked about earlier, one of the more popular brands. Is it the best? That’s up for you to decide on. Is it a high-quality product? Yes. Zyn comes in a variety of different flavors, a couple of examples are mint, citrus, espresso, apple and blood orange. There are multiple versions of mint such as strong, cool mint, spearmint etc..

Why did Zyn become so popular?

Nicotine pouches are a nicotine addiction treatment that is fast becoming one of the most popular options for quitting smoking.

Nicotine pouches are actually much like nicotine patches, but can be much easier to use because they don’t require you to wear them on your skin. Instead, you just put one in your mouth and move it around with your tongue so that it sticks to the inside of your lips. The patch will release enough nicotine into your body to reduce withdrawal symptoms for a couple of hours before it starts releasing less, so you can keep moving the pouch around until then if necessary. So why did Zyn out of all the brands become so popular? Well, except for good marketing, it’s a good product and it was among the earliest. Since Swedish match has been around for over a hundred years, they know how to create a great alternative for snus.