Can Swedish snus help you to quit smoking?

Swedish snus is a smokeless tobacco product which is banned in the EU. It was banned because of the fear that it could be used as an alternative to cigarettes. A study now shows that those who use Swedish snus are less likely to start smoking and tend to quit more often compared with those who do not use any tobacco products.

In a forthcoming book, Professor Mattias Lundbäck from the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden describes how Swedish snus can help you quit smoking. He has been the scientific leader of the study, which is the biggest study ever done on Swedish snus and smoking.

”We found that tobacco smokers who also use snus actually smoke less and tend to quit more often compared with those who do not use any tobacco products,” he says.

”For some time we assumed that snus had no effect on smokers, but we found that it can cause a substantial reduction in smoking and help smokers quit. The results of the study leave us convinced that Swedish snus carries substantial health benefits and can be a useful tool both to prevent new smokers and for those who already smoke,” he says.

Smoking is the world’s leading cause of death and illness, killing around six million people every year. Nearly 90 percent of this mortality is due to tobacco consumption. Every day more than 1,000 people die from smoking-related causes in Europe.

”The biggest benefit of Swedish snus is that it is a smokeless tobacco product and we know that oral tobacco products carry far less risk than cigarette smoking. People who use snus also reduce the risk of developing cancer of the larynx and mouth,” says Professor Mattias Lundbäck.

Is it hard to switch over from cigarettes to snus?

It can be hard, but done the right way, most people find it doable. Swedish snus is an oral tobacco product often used as a smokeless way to reduce the health risks of smoking. However, there are many other benefits to switching out cigarettes for swedish snus, including improved taste and natural nicotine levels. This article will explore some of these benefits, along with how to switch out cigarettes for swedish snus.

Ensuring your health is the goal, as with any such switch.

Swedish snus is a tobacco product that comes in a pouch or canister of loose-leaf tobacco that is placed under the lip, around the gum line. It is similar in size to a tea bag. Snus normally does not have quite the nicotine levels of cigarettes, so when switching out cigarettes for Swedish snus, you will need to gradually lower the number of cigarettes you smoke each day. 

Swedish snus does still contain some nicotine, however; it is about 1/10th of what you would get from cigarette smoke. This is why you should gradually lower your nicotine level as you switch out cigarettes for Swedish snus.

To quit smoking is a difficult task. But if you find a way to break the habit, it can have a positive impact on your life and health. Quitting cigarettes will not only prevent numerous diseases from developing, but it could also save you money and time from dealing with medical expenses. To quit smoking, here are some other ways that may help:

-Try to convince a friend to quit and do it together.

-Start small and easily: try smoking one less cigarette a day and see how it goes.

-Try quitting alternative things that are similar to smoking habits, such as snacking on chips or chewing gum.