Nordic Spirit – Smooth Mint nicotine pouches Review

As mentioned in my previous review of Nordic Sprit Elderflower I had the chance to buy three cans of nicotine pouches to a good price when ordering a roll of snus. I got the Nordic Spirit Elderflower, Smooth Mint and Smooth Mint Strong, I’m not sure about reviewing the strong one since it’s basically the same but stronger. I’m expecting these to have the same classic mint taste as other snus or nicotine pouches usually have. Also, just as with the elderflower, these are the minis. There is a larger version called slim.


When opening the can you will feel a pretty strong mint smell, a bit chemical. It’s not as intense as other flavours. Nothing special compared to other brands if you ask me, it’s mint, that’s about it.


Well, it’s pretty much the same as with the smell, mint. However, it does not really taste as chemical as I expected it to do. It’s not too agressive and feels really fresh, which is kind of nice. Other than that, there is not too much to be said, it tastes pretty good.

How long does the taste last?

The taste seem to fade away after about 15-20 minutes, it does still have a slight ”burn” around the pouch though. Nothing intense, but you can feel it’s still there. Not near as long as the Licorice 3 by On!, but not too bad.

The pouch

Just as the other nicotine pouches from Nordic Spirit, the pouches has a real high-quality feel to them. Again, since these are the mini’s, there are a bit too small, but I knew that from the start. If you’re into smaller pouches, these are great.


The strenght is 2 out of 4, 3mg of nicotine per pouch. Due to the taste it can come across as a bit stronger, but obviously it’s the same as any other nicotine pouch with 3mg per pouch. This level of strenght is ideal to me since I’m not looking for a buzz when I have my snus. If you want a mint snus with more of a kick to it, there is a strong version of this one.

Nordic Spirit – Smooth Mint nicotine pouches – rating and final words

I rate this 3 / 5

It’s actually a decent nicotine pouch, there is some taste to it but it’s not too agressive, as mint tends to be. I’m not a huge fan, but this is a high-quality product for sure. Would I personally buy this for everyday use? No. I can see how someone else would do it though. As long as you like mint, there is not mutch so say, Nordic Spirit – Smooth Mint is a good product. Nothing more, and definitely nothing less.

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