Kronan Vit Portion Review

In my previous reviews I’ve mentioned that I just made an order where the nicotine pouches came as a few extras. Here is the main reason I made the order to begin with: Kronan vit. I’ve had this for daily use for about 3 years now. Kronan is a classic swedish snus thats been around since 2005. So, this is nothing new to me – but let’s review it.


When opening the can you’re met by a strong smell of tobacco and a subtle hint of green herbs. That’s about it, not very complex, but that’s not what this snus is about. To me, it’s a good smell, but compared to other brands, it’s nothing really unique.


It’s not too different from the smell, and that’s a good thing in this case. The first thing you will notice is the tobacco, and if you’re really looking for it, you might find a very subtle taste of citrus. The green herbs are there and goes really well with the tobacco. It’s nothing too exciting but fits well for daily use.

How long does the taste last?

The lasts for at least 20 minutes. However, with this one, you’ll really feel when it’s completely out. It’s not a bad thing, but I didn’t feel the same way with the nicotine pouches I’ve been trying lately. Most of the time you will feel the need for a swap before the taste fades away completely.

The bag

From now on I will use the term ”bag” for snus and ”pouch” for nicotine pouches to separate the two. This bag is just the way I like it, hard packed triangular shape. There is a high quality feel to it as well. However, this is nothing unique to Kronan vit. Most of the better brands that comes from Swedish Match use these bags and they’re great!


The strenght is 2 out of 4. As I’ve said before, I’m not looking for a buzz when I take a snus, so this is perfect for me. I’ve tried the extra strong version of this and I didn’t notice any difference actually.

Kronan Vit Portion – Rating and final words

I rate this 3,75 / 5

All in all, this is nothing really exciting. If you ask me, it’s a high quality, classic snus. Since there is nothing intense or crazy going on it makes this snus a really great choice for daily use. There is definetely better snus out there, but I like it for what it is. If you are looking to try some real, classic swedish snus (as white portion) this is for you.



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